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More configuration wizard details

I'm still tweaking how this configuration wizard will work. I have now separated the wizard into two starting paths. One path is for not finding an installation of a Subversion server, and the other is for when CollabNet, Tigris, or SlikSVN has been found. I'm working on the no server found path.

I have the initial dialog down to what I want. Took a while to find a Vista-like CommandLink control that would work in Windows XP. I settled on Free CommandLink from 

Here is a screenshot of the main "no server found" dialog:

Here is the dialog for downloading the Subversion install file:

Here's the initial screen of the Subversion installation package in front of the main dialog:

I've been fighting a really bad reaction to some foods for the last couple days. I'm hoping that this won't slow me down anymore. I'm in a roll right now, but still don't know how long this will take to finish. I am excited, because this will make installing Subversion on a Windows machine much, much easier.

posted @ Monday, March 16, 2009 11:48 PM by Hector Sosa, Jr

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