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SystemWidgets is the home for integration of command-line utilties and Windows GUIs. We specialize in the creation of .NET graphical user interfaces that interact with both native Windows utilities and utilities from the open source world.

Our products are small, and painless to use. Our products are targeted to anyone that has administrative duties in a Windows environment. We create a native Windows feel for several of these utilities. No more forgetting command-line switches, just click and go.

We are focused on making your life easier. Save time when you use our programs. Wasted time is literally wasted money.



Microsoft Management Console (MMC) 3.0 SnapIn to manage Subversion servers that serve repositories using the custom svnserve.exe server.

Free Utilities
SVN Backup Widget

SVN Backup Widget

Utility to create repository backups using the svnadmin dump command. This utility allows you to create profiles for different backup scenarios.
Text File Splitter

Text File Splitter

Split large text files using this utility. It has both a nice GUI and a command-line. It can split text files using line counts or bytes per file chunk.

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